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GAME Getting Back On Their Feet?

GAME has been at death’s door, on its knees begging for mercy at the hands of glorious pound coins (many millions of those). Flirting with a seemingly unavoidable fate, GAME looked like it was going to shutter its doors for good when the announcement of national store and job losses. Yet since then and the administration, Opcaptia bought GAME for a mere £1 as well as paying off some of the many debts that GAME had accrued that had put them in that desperate situation.

Things though seem to be turning quite quickly around. Nintendo and EA have silently started to restock titles. Mass Effect 3 can be found on their website as a new game rather than 2nd hand which was the case during the initial troubles GAME had. Capcom still seem to be cooling on GAME’s progress as they have yet to restock any recent title such as Asura’s Wrath and Resident Evil: Raccoon City. While Capcom’s stance is to be expected, the haste in a u-turn from EA is somewhat surprising. They were arguably the most vocal publisher criticising and publicising their troubles since early January this year which prompted wider discussion and many rumours about the company.

Incidentally though, GAME overseas in Spain and Portugal has been sold to Opcaptia’s sister company Cherillux saving 1000 jobs at over 270 stores. Though not effecting the UK branch which is undeniably the heart of the group, this comes as sweeping news. The stores abroad will no doubt have found themselves in the same lonely boat as the UK stores in which over 2000 jobs were lost. Whether the employees are foreign or not, it gives me great pleasure into reading into a change in fortunes for people who have no doubt been living dangerously in fear of the dreaded axe plunging before them.

Can this last? Possibly. GAME has paid off many of the outstanding debts that were owed recently in which was the main factor of GAME  being firmly placed into the hands of British bankruptcy (a.k.a administration). The state of the gaming industry with factors such as digital retail, online shopping and supermarkets can dent the progress of GAME. If things stay the same way as GAME has operated over the past few recent years, GAME won’t last long. However if competitive pricing is much more flexible, bigger variety of stock and they take care of their finances better then GAME have a good chance but the main thing is they are safe-for now.

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