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Games Achievements/Trophies-Is It Worth The Time?

Modern gaming has seen a community trend over the past five or so years which has created competition, bragging rights and pre-judegement on skill-achievements. Completed a game in record time? You get rewarded with a *ping* and a small box in the top right or bottom right corner shows up by saying congrats. Is it worth it though? All the effort that goes into not to just complete a game but more so to finish it wholly. There are people out there that dedicate their lives to it but it does leave questions.

For starters-why? Games traditionally reward players on completion rather than progression on merit as well as ability. So stat screens, bonus levels and in-game rewards were the norm. But now as well as this comes the system added to individual profiles which profiles individual in-game achievements for the world to see. Wow… Greatness stems from these achievements. These gamers that have attained maximum completion should be commended for their life’s work. While I am at it, I am going to write a cheque and donate to their cause….

Yes there was just a tiny bit of sarcasm there. Seriously there are people out there that take it with force. Gamers that partake seriously in this are rewarded with numbers, icons and some logos on screen. Doesn’t necessarily mean that the gamer next to that person is worse, far from it. It most likely means that their time is better spent elsewhere which it most certainly should be. If developers added rewards for each unlockable acheivement like FF13 did with XMB themes, then this could be more worthwhile to the wude ranging gamer at least anyway. It may even garner more playtime for games and generate more funds from server bandwidth if its an online game or not.

Either way, it really does ask serious questions but mainly why? Why why why why why? With a little bit more of why…. Games are made for escapism, enjoyment and social competition. This adds competition but on a necessary scale. “Haha! I am owning you on that game in unlockables. I am so much better!” “Pfft no you ain’t and you wanna know why? Could do with a something called a life….”

Since this is the last article before Christmas, I shall take this opportunity to say to my fellow readers-have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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