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Games For Students At “student prices.”

Looking at the tagline some of you maybe thinking- “The latest releases at cheap prices, (OMG, OMG). Oh do tell…” As much I would tell you to open your eyes and use the internet, that is not the case. Instead, University is upon the vast majority of us by now and there are games out there that can provide sporadic intense entertainment amongst friends, flatmates, guys and gals etc. It could be on the latest console or it could be retro but either way; got a console or PC? Then take notice for the games that can branch the gaps between casual and hardcore gamers while still being fun.

Worms: No introduction needed and very little detail (there will be some anyway). Many will know what it is and those that don’t either wiki it or play it. A very fun open game that is unpredictable very much akin to Mario Balotelli…or Charlie Sheen for that matter. Destruction, chaos ensues through each match while remaining charming, cute and humorous throughout. Girls may not warm to it at first but the cute artsy look should sway most. Worms 2 onwards is available on just about every platform and should be between £1 and £10.

Crash Team Racing: You could be 50, you could be 7. You could be academic or you could be…sod the poetic tone. CTR is a PS1 game that takes popular and famous Bandicoot who battled villanous enemies and was rewarded with a transformation into a karting sim? (Sad face) It includes brilliant split screen racing. (Happy face). Powerups, boost pads and layered tracks gives CTR more depth than most kart racers and even now some 13 years on it still remains charming with its colourful looks and its looming entertainment amongst its unpredictability in races. Dig out that dusty PS1 or if you have a PS3 then its on the store for a few quid.

Bomberman: Very much like Worms- another classic and cult party game franchise that pits humour and destruction with cute artsy looks. Unlike Worms though, Bomberman requires an intense pace and awareness of other players in a small caged arena. Players use bombs to blow each other up yet to do so must navigate the arena by destroying blocks to further advance. Not as difficult and daunting as Worms is yet when up against quick players if you have players in your flats then frustration will surface quickly. A friendly enough game and very accessible- it appeals to both men and women through its unisex attempts to coerce neutral supremacy in blowing the other competitors…up. Like Worms, available on just about everything.

A few other games in which I have little space to fill but hey…that is what wikipedia is for eh? (*Awaits a SOPA/PIPA rep to correct my wrongdoings*).

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Fifa 08/09/10/11/12/…..you get the picture.


Little Big Planet

Got any fond memories of multiplayer gaming? Pop a comment in to share your joyous moments.


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