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Games you may have missed this year.

2012 in gaming. To most, that would equate to Angry Birds Space+Star Wars, Mass Effect 3, Black Ops 2, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Fifa 13.Think those games have been the best? Well you would be wrong as there have been some top notch games this year many of which have snuck in under the radar to be as prolific as some of the more popular franchises. Here are some you may have missed.

Sleeping Dogs: Open-world sandbox but set in Hong Kong. It tells a brutal story of an undercover Cop infiltrating the triads. Expect martial art combo’s, slick motorbike driving and a glorious setting.

Dishonored: In the same vein as last years lauded Deus Ex, Dishonored gives freedom of choice through linearity. Gloriously beautiful, gloriously gory. The variety and depth on show seems to be the show stealer and should be picked up by players into Western RPG’s.

Spec Ops- The Line: Bog standard third person shooter right? Gears Of War/Uncharted clone? To a degree but that is only in appearance. The narrative is dark, evokes curiosity and some blistering action sequences. It suffers from fatigue later on but given the time and opportunity then it should prove entertaining.

Resident Evil 6: It came and then went. Literally as quick as that. After muddling reviews, RE6 comes as a mixed bag. Having sampled the game, it stays to its roots in tight gameplay with a tight setting. Add in a massive amount of content and the game proves to be much more than it appears. However, I would recommend RE5 or 4 over 6 every time though.

Max Payne 3: One of the better games this year as was LA Noire last year from Rockstar. Critically acclaimed and recently spotted at £10 in Morrisons. It is a action packed third person shooter with a particular focus on narrative and painkillers…..? Looks like it would be a solid purchase for anyone regardless and one of the stronger acclaimed games of this year.

Out of the games, Sleeping Dogs and Dishonored seem to be the most appealing. Two of the more diverse games this year and boasting strong narrative choices as well as unnerved gameplay. Both of which are around the £20 mark at the moment so a bargain nonetheless in time for Christmas.

Next week for its fifth anniversary, I will be looking at Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare- how good it was and how it has impacted on this generation.

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