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Girls Aloud, Nintendo DS and the Dogs Trust collaborate to bring about awareness

Game developers really, really, really want us to be educated.  The National Geographic are looking to reach out to those of us who want to learn about those all important matters, like history and the environment, and quite rightly too.  They do, after all, know a little bit on the subjects.  Maybe they’re efforts will end up being played on your console at home, maybe not, it’s really up to you.  But now, Girls Aloud have upped the ante so to speak by endorsing the launch of a new educational initiative, helping people learn a little bit more about man’s best friend (or is it Girl’s best friend)…dogs!

Working in conjunction with Nintendo and the Dogs Trust, Girls Aloud have joined a pilot scheme that will be aimed at building an awareness about our little furry friends through the aid of a Nintendo DS.  The popular DS game, enjoyed by boys and girls, both young and even old, promotes the responsibilities that a dog owner must face when they take on the task of owning a dog as a pet.

Girls Aloud went along to the Dogs Trust on behalf of their Nintendo buddies to donate DS consoles as well as copies of the games.  The girls, Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle, Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding and Kimberly Walsh took turns cuddling up to the K9s at the Dogs Trust event in Uxbridge.  Cheryl Cole is well known for walking through the streets with her own pet Chihuahua, Buster, and I’m sure the chance to raise awareness about the welfare of other pet dogs was an opportunity she jumped at.

Speaking at the event, where the girls were also able to meet some of the lucky children who would be benefiting from the complimentary consoles, the girls said, “We are all dog lovers ourselves so are fully supportive of this scheme which teaches kids what looking after a dog really involves.”

Nadine chipped in about how the DS has brought her a little closer to her graphically based friend, saying, “I love my Nintendog ‘Miso’; I can feed him, take him for walks and play with him every day, it’s just like having a real dog in my hand.”

The role of education is a serious matter, not only at the Dogs Trust but in every aspect of a pet owner’s life.  The DS is a great, innovating way of utilising an extremely popular platform to promote awareness to owners who will not know the best way to look after their dog.

Natalie Dexter, the London Education Officer, who was present at the launch, said, “Our education programme targets the dog owners of tomorrow about responsible dog ownership and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways of spreading our message within schools. We’re delighted to partner with Nintendo on such an innovative scheme which captures the essence of our message about responsible dog ownership, in an exciting and fun way that will inspire and educate children.”

Although the hard-core gamers out there will probably be taking a few hastened steps in the opposite direction, the collaboration between Girls Aloud, Nintendo and the Dogs Trust is one that should definitely be applauded.  It is a bold move, which Nintendo can afford to take due to their outstanding popularity in the market, and the after effects of the endorsement will see many a dog out there live their lives being looked after by owners who know what they’re doing.  It’s true that a dog is not just for Christmas, but throw a Nintendo DS into the mix and you’re sure to be able to guarantee that the dog will see many more Christmases still to come.

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