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Glu unveils plan to introduce 4 iPhone games

4 little treats for the iPhone.

Glu Mobile, the mobile gaming developers, have announced that they are bringing four brand new iPhone games to the market in an attempt to confirm their position on the iPhone gaming bandwagon that is quickly taking off.

Talking at a conference on Tuesday evening, the CEO of Glu, Greg Ballard announced that the four games were on their way.

Two Glu original-IP titles, based on franchises we’ve already developed in the carrier business, and the hit online title Build-a-Lot.iphone

“And the fourth will be an original Glu title specifically designed for the iPhone, and about which there is significant internal excitement at Glu,” said Ballard.

The news closely follows Bethesda’s plans to release a game for the iPhone and more and more big-time developers are looking to the iPhone as a serious portable gaming platform, worthy of their attention.

Android or iPhone – the law decides…

However, Glu is also keeping its eyes firmly on the Android operating system as well, owned by Google.  Ballard announced that many of the contracts they had in place with their brand-owners allowed them to venture into Android territory.

“While many licensors have held back licences for iPhone, the language of most of our existing contracts gives us the rights to Android,”
said Ballard.

And that would seem to be the reason behind Glu’s plans to hold back some of their bigger named games from the iPhone.  Apparently the problem is smothered with legal issues and the iPhone must carry on without Glu’s bigger brands.

“The console companies and even some of the casual online game companies are developing their own titles for the iPhone. So we will not have the full range of brands for this platform, that we have for the carriers and other Smartphone devices,” continued Ballard.

Glu develops for around 1,000 handsets – they’re a bit busy.

Although the developer enjoys having their games spread out across 1,000 different mobile handset makes, using 10 different languages through 65 countries, Glu are still keeping 30 per cent of their resources aimed at working with Nokia, iPhone and Android systems.

“This is the first time that we can release games that run on all of the platforms at once.

“We’re trying to cover as many [platforms] as possible. We really think the advantage for us is doing multiple platforms,” said Ballard.

Drop in market health for Glu.

Glu has not been enjoying a fun time in the market as their stocks plunged by a staggering 5 dollars to a meagre 40 cents.

Still, it would appear that Glu feels as though the iPhone is the platform for them and have highlighted how they cannot put all their focus on the platform as they have so many other handsets to work with.

“There’s no question about it; somebody focusing just on the iPhone avoids the complexity of having to support multiple devices. On the other hand, they give up all that revenue,”
continued Ballard.

Let us know…

What do you reckon…Is Glu’s presence on the iPhone enough to keep you excited or couldn’t you care less?

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