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Google Android Developers Crawl out of the Woodwork

With the impending release of Google’s new Android platform causing a buzz on game developer forums across the internet, the platform is trying hard to tear major developers from the allure of the Apple App Store.

Android has a long way to go before it outdoes the iPhone though, so you may be hard pushed to find any amazingly high quality games from established developers before the end of 208.

However, there are a few developers to look out for when the device launches. One of those is Connect2Media. C2M have announced a slew of titles, twelve infact, that are designed specifically for use with Android. Alongside some reportedly “groundbreaking” concepts, they promise to deliver classic games such as a card game compilation and ‘4 in a Row’, which I presume is classic family game, Connect Four.

So far, there has been no mention of pricing for the titles, and when the release date edges closer; we’ll hear a bit more information.

Connect2Media has big plans it would seem. They recently announced that they are developing titles for Xbox 360, Wii and iPhone as well as Android, and the company has plans to become a “360 degree developer”. It’s a bold statement, and it quite exciting for mobile gaming fans, but until we see some releases, this is one gamer who is calling C2M’s bluff.

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