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Gravity Film Review.

Sci-fi films and Space films have focused on stories that are larger than life. Star Wars on intergalactic battles to Alien that deals with aliens and those that need to survive. Gravity focuses on astronauts-not someone that is important or someone that has a bone to pick with an Alien race. This a film representative of that empty yet dense space that is space itself.

Gravity takes us to space where we find 3 engineers making repairs aboard the Space Shuttle Explorer. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is on her very first space mission. Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) in comparison is on his very last. The other is a young engineer called Shariff. The mission however soon goes south when a a space cloud of debris reaching speeds of 20,000 mph has hit the station and has caused the 3 to separate. This becomes a battle for a survival in particular for Ryan who is tense, nauseous and scared.

What immediately stands out for this film is the cinematography in 3D. This is the best film I have seen in 3D for a very long time-since Avatar. The camera shots of the station and carnage can pan, zoom in and out of focus while debris flickers all over the screen. The scale and that sense of emptiness in space is extremely well realised. I thoroughly enjoyed its cinematic and thematic effects in which try to put you into their shoes.

That brings me swiftly to Sandra Bullock. I think she may have done her best ever film here because of the way she bridges the gap between audience and film. To elaborate, for Ryan, its her first time doing a full on mission in space. She quickly burns up her Oxygen levels because she is panting, frightened. To me, this sort of role is personalised and bar a few personal bits, it is so thematic that it does feel like you in those shoes.

There are some first-person shots which are extremely impressive immersing you into the shoes of an astronaut which helps reinforce my point of the character being a model for bridging a film to the audience much more than I have seen with any other film before. At one point when the initial impact happened, Ryan was attached to the station which spun in circles continuously. After detaching, Ryan then spun far out and away from Earth. This made me feel dizzy watching her spin in and out of sight of the Earth.

While George Clooney adds some measured support, this is a film all about Sandra Bullock and her performance is unlike any other I have ever seen in a Space/Science-Fiction film before. The sense of dread, those moments of when you are truly alone is well realised by her and I believe she will be rewarded with an Oscar nomination.

Yet, the real star of the show is the cinematography and it is phenomenal. The effects in replicating space is jaw dropping. Whether it is the floating objects that float gloriously in 3D or when Ryan cannot stop her body from moving in motion-the film is truly jaw dropping. There is so much to consider here whether it is the strong themes of isolation and survival to the phenomenal cinematography or the inspiring performance from Bullock, this film exudes brilliance.

What is Good?

+Phenomenal cinematography and 3D effects that on some levels betters Avatar.

+Sandra Bullock’s performance combines isloation, dread and survival instinct-quite simply a super performance.

+Space is best realised in Film as a whole than in any other film before.

+Consistent, masterfully directed and suitably grounded in personality.

+Immerses the viewer into the shoes of an astronaut perfectly.

What is bad?

-Its only 90 minutes long….

Every so often, we have a Film that breaks ground in Film. Gravity is easily one of the best films I have ever seen because of what it sets out to do and how it succeeds in that representation. Also, it helps that the overall atmosphere, story and effects combine what will probably go down as the best Space film ever made.

The film also makes expert use of 3D instead of using it as a gimmick. Gravity is a brilliantly realised film and all I can consider is when I watch it next-in 3D-because it was that good. Heck-getting a 3D TV is worth it for just this film when it gets released on Blu-Ray/DVD. *****

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