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Greenpeace blast Nintendo for their environmental negligence

Greenpeace have jumped on the major console developers, claiming that they are not as green as they think they are, and the worst of them all is Nintendo.

According to Greenpeace, the environmental activists, they have tried to talk to Nintendo about their apparent inadequacy when it comes to their environmental respect, but Nintendo wants nothing to do with them, supposedly refusing to respond.

In the naughty corner with Nintendo you will also find Apple, Dell, Motorola, Microsoft and Samsung who have all been criticised for being slow to pick up on their environmental responsibilities.

Mel Francis, a campaigner for Greenpeace International Climate and Energy, said, “They are basically lagging behind on what we need for a good climate package. They haven’t demonstrated any real commitment to cutting their own CO2 emissions, or to lobbying politicians to get a good deal post-Kyoto.  They assume that growth in their business also must therefore mean growth in their CO2 emissions. At Greenpeace we think that’s not necessarily true.”

Edge, a conservationist group, has released details proving that the big 3 console developers, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are not doing enough for the environment.  However, the player on the top of the pile was Nintendo and the developers lack of transparency was a key issue.

Iza Kruszewska of Greenpeace, said, “Nintendo are not engaging at all.  I have spoken to Nintendo’s sales people in the UK, and even they admit that Nintendo isn’t communicating enough, not just externally but internally, apparently.”  

However it has been declared that Sony are quite far ahead of Nintendo in terms of their environmental efforts, according to Greenpeace.

However, Nintendo’s argument is classic as they say that waste is not something that happens with a Nintendo product as, “people hang onto them.” 

Kruszewska went on to say, “I’ve never been able to get an answer from them aside from a couple of marketing people in the UK who have been trying to forward the messages to global headquarters in Japan, but we get no response from Nintendo. The company has an incredibly poor standard of communication regarding this issue.”

Microsoft was also given slight praise as they attempted to make their products as clean as possible yet Greenpeace have still attacked Microsoft for waiting too long to act on such an important responsibility.

“But really, [Microsoft] have it so easy because they only make two core hardware products – the 360 and the Zune – they should really be way ahead.” added Kruszewska.

Nintendo have released figures to Greenpeace claiming that they are intending to cut toxic emissions by 2 per cent each year, but are yet to prove themselves to the world.

“Nintendo does have a target to cut absolute emissions by 2 percent each year,” Kruszewska added.

“They themselves said they didn’t meet that, and I understand that their emissions actually increased by 6 percent when their sales began to shoot up in 2007.”

Microsoft scored 15 points in the report out of a possible 45 achievable points throughout the three categories, and Sony did a little better scoring a prouder 24 points.  It’s embarrassing even typing Nintendo’s score – 4 points out the available 45 (they even scored a big fat 0 in 11 out of the 15 categories!!!).  Makes you think twice, doesn’t it.

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