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GSM Interceptor – Landline Monitor

Shafkat Shahzad - Senior Technical Content ManagerThe article will provide a user with information and guidance on GSM interceptor (landline Monitor).

GSM interceptor is a truly amazing multi-functional GSM monitoring device
The GSM Interceptor is a multi-functional call monitoring device that simply connects to any land line socket meaning a user can listen to all incoming and outgoing calls. The GSM Interceptor can be set to call a pre-defined number of a users choice upon detection of a call allowing real time monitoring.

The GSM Interceptor features built in IR and vibration sensors and also features an integrated microphone enabling a user to dial the SIM inside the unit and hear the surroundings when the land line is not in use. The GSM Interceptor is very easy to set up and use as the whole unit can be remotely managed via SMS commands from a user’s pre-defined number. The GSM Interceptor operates on tri-band frequencies enabling world wide deployment.

Although the GSM Interceptor has no recording facility, but a user can use one of the Mobile Telephone Recording Lead connected to a voice recorder that will enable a user to record landline conversations for evidential purposes.

GSM tri band GSM network to make & instant surveillance task possible. There is no range limitation for home/office phone line security, monitoring all outgoing and incoming phone conversation.

• Connects to any land line socket
• Landline monitoring of home/office calls through the GSM network
• Immediate notification when incoming/outgoing call is activated on the landline
• Choose to listen-in or reject the call
• In-built vibration sensor alerts a user if the unit is tampered with
• External IR sensor alerts a user to movement around the unit
• In-built microphone for audio monitoring of the surrounding environment (approx. 5 meters)
• All Features can be managed remotely
• Power Consumption: 36 hours Standby: 2.5 hours talk time (using internal battery)
• Power Supply: 3.7v @ 580MAh – AC Power Connector supplied
• Tri band – 900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
• Dimensions: 62mm x 40mm x 20mm
• 1. 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology
• FHSS technology provides clear sound over longer ranges, as well as digital security to prevent
• Digital speakerphone (Handset)
• Light-Up indicator with ringer alert (Handset) The indicator on the handset lights up in amber
when there is an incoming call for visual confirmation.
• Convenient AAA (R03) Ni-MH Rechargeable battery (Handset)
Since AAA-type rechargeable batteries are used, a user can replace them with two commercially available AAA batteries for added convenience. (Rechargeable Battery: HHR-4MRT)
• Illuminated Display (Handset) (KX-TG3612BX/TG3611BX)
• 50-Name & Number phonebook (KX-TG3612BX/ TG3611BX)
• Up to 50 station names and numbers can be stored in the built-in phonebook for fast, easy recall.

If a user has read the article then he/she would have learnt about the GSM Interceptor landline monitor.

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