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Guitar Hero Coming to the Android Platform

Guitar Hero on your G1.

The time has come – we will soon be able to rock out on our Google Android Smartphones as Guitar Hero, the popular rock simulator game, is gearing up to hit the Android handset.

The iPhone has been all cocky recently with its own version of the now infamous Guitar Hero rip, Tap Tap Revenge, which has featured a number of famous musician’s tracks.

But now the Android players will be able to get their hands on copies of the original rockin’ game that will allow them to play Activision’s game on the bus, walking down the street or even right in the office – it’s up to you!

One of the first paid games on the platform…

Guitar Hero will be one of the first paid games to feature in Android’s Market and should pave the way for a series of great games and apps to find their way onto the platform.

Released towards the end of 2008, Google’s Smartphone has enjoyed some success but has been overshadowed by the iPhone and other iPhone look-a-likes.

Apple’s AppStore has also been massively successful due to the chances of developers selling applications for money – therefore giving a reason for the productivity of the apps.

No mention of price…

Guitar Hero, whilst being one of the first paid applications in the Android Market, has not yet been given a price, but we can imagine the game will be around the same price as those found on the AppStore.

As the game makes use of the handset’s touch screen, many critics are claiming that the game obviously won’t be as fun as it is playing it on the likes of a PlayStation 3, but it is being said to be a handy way of passing by a boring few minutes.

This announcement will be good news to handset makers like LG and Samsung who has recently confirmed that they will be shipping out more handsets running on the Android operating system.

No word from Activision…

However, Activision are still to confirm that the game is coming out on the platform.  It is being said that it is more likely that the developers behind the mobile version of Guitar Hero lll, MachineWorks Northwest, will be behind the Android version of the game.

It will be interesting to see how the game, being the possible beginning of a series of paid games for the Android platform, will affect the popularity of the Smartphone – will we finally be witnesses to a true iPhone killer?

What do you think?

Are you looking forward to the game’s release or do you think it’s a wasted effort on Google’s part to try and take on the iPhone?  Let us know…

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