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Hands Up Who Has Tried Mobile Gaming

Hands UpWhile the technology is there, the programming capabilities are there, but has mobile gaming actually hit the masses yet? Or is it something which has not quite set the world alight at the moment?

When you read the mobile gaming figures from around the world it is easy to assume that this area of the gaming industry is big business around the globe, but is it? We have all played those simple games which are pre-installed on our phones, but how many of us in the UK have actually taken on the best that PS3 gaming has to offer through their mobile phone versions?

It seems that while mobile gaming has in theory been well received by the masses in the UK, it has yet to take off and start to have any meaningful impact on income streams. When you consider the quality of the games now being issued for mobile phone use, the industry has moved forward at great pace over the last couple of years.

Check out the top 10 games which are on offer for your mobile :-

1. Tetris
2. Worms 07
3. Deal or No Deal
4. Real Football Manager
5. Command and Conquer
6. Championship Manager 2008
7. The Sims 2 Castaway
8. Million Dollar Poker
9. Golden Balls
10. Brian Challenge

This is just a snap shot of the best mobile phone games around at the moment and the kind of quality which you can expect. As the speed of mobile phone data transfer continues to increase we should see the mobile gaming revolution really take off, but at the moment it is a little disappointing to see so many people talking about the industry but not actually part-taking.

Why not check out the numerous free downloads for you handset and see what you are missing – you will be surprised!

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