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How Call Of Duty ruined the FPS genre.

A tad dramatic headline but the title nonetheless holds some truth. Granted one series of games cannot be held to reason to ruining a genre but Call Of Duty has not ruined FPS genre in a gameplay perspective or even multiplayer but instead most have held COD in high regard and most have tried to imitate their efforts which has resulted in a genre stagnated with copycats.

Before Call of Duty 4, online multiplayer in FPS games was reserved and best enjoyed on the PC with the sincere exception of Halo 2 on the original Xbox. There were FPS games released before COD4 in 2007  but came with the sincerity of better focus on singular campaigns. With the Orange Box for example (released late 2007)-an assortment of fine FPS games, there was multiplayer to be had in Team Fortress 2 yet what made the package so necessary was the campaigns of the Half Life games and Portal also. After Call Of Duty 4, many games have multiplayer driven shooters and none more so than the Battlefield games. Note that the Battlefield games were multiplayer driven on the PC but includes single player missions nonetheless which adds incentive to the point of this article.

Battlefield 3 (2011) is arguably the finest multiplayer shooter since COD4 but while COD4 has an understated and underrated single player campaign, Call Of Duty single player stands to reason with effort shining through yet most gamers almost always go for the multiplayer. Its a current trend in gaming nowadays-social and multiplayer focus over single player. This even branches into other genres and franchises attempting to appeal to a widening audience. Bioshock and Uncharted are perhaps the best examples of sequels introducing multiplayer with Uncharted incorporating it far better than Bioshock. Still, it was hardly necessary in Uncharted though.

So while the headline was indeed dramatic- the FPS genre is not without its merit and quality but instead populated by COD wannabes without finding its own personality. Multiplayer is a good thing in gaming-an essential part of gaming but the hazy days of single player orientated games being the pick of the crop seem to be behind gaming now. . I’m in no way critical about multiplayer in gaming but its the stagnating effect in which when others try to copy success is ultimately where criticism lies and when a franchise like COD boasts unprecedented success then it no doubt has everyone talking….and copying.

So next week as we approach the end of 2012, I will look back on the year of gaming and film in what has been good, bad and disappointing. Also, give Jugaccino a look on Facebook and put your thoughts in the comments or on  Facebook for what has been the Game of the year for you. If its Angry Birds or something more sincere like Mass Effect 3-let me know.

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