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How To Spot a Fake DS…

There has been a huge increase of imported fake Nintendo DS consoles over the recent months and for those out there that don’t mind saving a few quid and aren’t too fussed about quality then this is great news – but what about those of us that don’t want to be ripped off?

There are some good tips that you should be aware of when buying a DS to make sure that you don’t buy a cheap knock-off and waste your time and money in the process…

After all, fake DS consoles aren’t all fun and games.  A fake console can cause serious harm to the user and can often bring disappointment when they suddenly decide not to work – do you really need those tears on your child’s birthday?  I don’t think so…

How much?

Know how much a new Nintendo DS would cost you.  At the moment they’re going for around £100 on Amazon and prices will vary around that in different shops.  If you are offered a unit for around £40 to £50 then it’s pretty obvious that it isn’t going to be legitimate – if it sounds too good to be true, it is…don’t run the risk trying to save a few pennies.

You call that packaging?

It is often the case that the fake Nintendo DS units are sold without all the accessories that come with real versions – if you are offered a unit in a tiny box turn around and walk away because you can be pretty sure that it is physically impossible to fit all the kit that comes with a DS into a little box.

Also check out the condition that the packaging is in.  Knock-off DS consoles are often contained in dodgy looking packaging that looks as though it has seen both World Wars.

Where’s the charger?

If you are being handed the power adapter separately then you can be pretty sure that the DS that you’re buying isn’t real.  Because the packaging won’t fit all the DS accessories the seller will have to give you the charger separately but if the DS was real all the pieces would be included in the box – it’s like buying a new television without the remote control in the packaging…it wouldn’t happen.

Look for the logo!

The charger is one of the big safety hazards involved in buying knock-off DS units.  They can cause fires and can put a dampener on your day of gaming.  Real DS units have safety logos on them and are part of the plastic – look for it!

The safety logo can also be found on the DS unit – again it’s not a sticker so it can’t be replicated so if it’s not there it’s a fake and you should stay away.  Check to make sure it isn’t a sticker…

Whatever you do you should know that you won’t be enjoying your fake DS for long – don’t run the risk of harming yourself or disappointing yourself just to save a few quid. Save up and buy the real deal and you’ll be happier because you can be safe in the knowledge that you bought a great console.

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