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“I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2″ – According to David Perry of Acclaim

PSP2 – Rumour time…again!

All around the globe the PSP2 fire has been re-lit and this time with a gallon of gasoline and 25 Zippos – although still in the rumour stages, talks about the possibility of a soon-to-be PSP2 have been triggered thanks to the social mini-blogging website Twitter.

Granted this isn’t a definitive rumour starter but it’s a pretty exciting one.  David Perry, the developer at Acclaim and the founder of Shiny Entertainment, has been pretty busy writing messages on both his Facebook and Twitter accounts, according to Kotaku.

“I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2. And thank goodness, they’ve removed the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive. I’m excited!” has been written in Perry’s networking accounts, whether he wrote it or not is obviously unclear.

That’s not giving much away, is it?

Still, the message is not really much insight into the future of the PSP console but is rather a means of getting Sony lovers around the world excited at least.psp

However we can’t be sure if Perry has even been privy to a glimpse of the PSP2 or even if he isn’t just having a bit of a laugh.  Either way the rumour mill has been sparked around the blogging globe as handheld gamers imaginations have been set into motion.

Perry could also be reacting to rumours he himself has heard through the market that he is obviously integrated into.

Touch screen, flash memory and downloadable content…

On the other hand, many analysts are claiming that getting rid of the optical disk drive and focus on flash memory storage and digital downloads would be the right direction for the console to move if it wanted to regain its former glory.

This new rumour doesn’t come out of the blue of course as the PSP2 has been gaining quite a lot of attention over the recent weeks with little pieces of information popping up from different corners of the world.

The most recent rumour, before Perry’s mini-blog announcement, involved a panel of experts who predicted that the new version of the PSP would do away with the UMD drive and would also feature a touch screen.

Backwards compatible?

Most PSP fans are wondering whether a new version of the console would actually be backwards compatible but again to say whether or not it would be would simply be pure speculation.

No matter what the rumours are, your best bet is to keep your eyes and ears on the makers behind the device, Sony, who will be the ones who will be able to announce the truth rather than spread hope and lies – and Sony are expected to give an inkling of the PSP’s newest evolution at E3.

Excited or can’t be bothered to care?

What do you think about the PSP2?  Are you looking forward to seeing what Sony are planning to do or do you think Sony doesn’t stand a chance when it’s up against the likes of the Nintendo DSi?

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