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iFun unites the iPhone and PC as a DIY Wii

Everyone knows now that the iPhone can be considered a major contender in the great console battle that is raging on through our lives.  So does a Palo Alto business, which has just released the first game that allows the iPhone to wirelessly connect to a computer, making the iPhone a fairly expensive Wiimote.

Social Gaming Network’s ‘iFun’ is made up of four sports games – golf, baseball, basketball and bowling, similar to the games available on Wii Sports, the free game the comes with the Wii console.  Imagine playing Wii Sports on your computer using your iPhone with its uber-sexy accelerometer as a controller and you would be right on the money.  Want more?  How about being able to play with other iPhone users over the Internet…is there any need for any other console ever again?

Social Gaming Network has gained massive popularity through platforms like Facebook, Hi5, Bebo and MySpace, and users who register, either through Facebook or other such methods, can load up the game on their iPhone of iPod touch, slap out a full throttled golf swing and watch it translate onto on-screen play on the computer and can be played with pals in the same room or across the net in a room a thousand miles away.

Social Gaming Network founder, Shervin Pishevar, said, “This is the first time the mobile world, the Web world and social gaming have united liked this.  This is like having a Wii on the go or a Wii in your hand.”

However, there is a reason for not packing your Wii away for the rest of eternity because I don’t think we’ve found a replacement just yet.  There has been criticism of lagging amongst users of the game as the iPhone is communicating with the computer in quite an unnatural way (the iPhone is a phone after all), where the Wii remote is created for the sole purpose of communicating with the Wii console.  However, SGN have said that they have been working on the latency over recent months and have apparently cut down the lagging to practically nothing.

iBowl has already proved a massive success on the iPhone and given SGN critical acclaim yet it’s still unclear whether the iFun games will prove to be triumphant amongst the hardcore gaming society that the developer needs to win over.  iBowl worked a treat on the relatively small 2.5 inch screen, but SGN clearly felt it was time to migrate to the bigger screen for more involved games.

Pishevar, who is also the CEO of the Social Gaming Network, is obviously excited about the chance to create gaming experiences using tools that the players will have already.  He said, “Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a console and games, if you have an iPod Touch or an iPhone, you can get the same capabilities.”

SNG’s new gaming experience comes as great news to Apple who have been receiving critical acclaim recently from both players and developers (EA, Sega, THQ), due to the consoles superbly strong processor, motion and touch controls, and the iPhone is already being touted as a major contender in the hand held gaming industry.

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