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Infernal Affairs, Hard Boiled and Sleeping Dogs.

Infernal Affairs- arguably the best film to come out of Hong Kong on an international scale especially in Hollywood later being adapted into The Departed. Hard Boiled- John Woo directs with Chow Yun-Fat in you guessed it an action spectacle breaking the rules of the ridiculous action into what has been called “gun-fu” by Woo himslef. Again, another international hit. Both of these films have had a clear profound influence on Sleeping Dogs newly released akin to GTA but with a distinct vibe and style.

Sleeping Dogs forces you into a character that is always found wanting a honest life. Instead, he is trusted into the murky depths of the Triad gangs in Hong Kong  having to succumb to do many horrific “activities” while maintaining his cover. Sound familiar? Infernal Affairs tells the story of a two men on opposite sides of the law while their loyalties lie again in binary opposites of the law. Hard Boiled tells the story of a gun-ho policeman having to team up with a deep cover flamboyant hitman that makes origami? in his spare time but nonetheless is equally as ruthless.

The running theme here is the sympathy for deep cover agents/policeman and is no doubt the case material for Sleeping Dogs to go forth with. I have yet to play Sleeping Dogs (demo does not count) but from watching the eerie scenery of the depths of Hong Kong streets but how fitting would it be with the likes of Chow Yun-Fat being your partner but on the other side of the law? What about Andy Lau’s character from Infernal Affairs- a seemingly honest police chief yet his deepest loyalties lie to the triads?

I am in no doubt that Sleeping Dogs will be in the long term an influential game on representation and cultural representation also but what will also be interesting is through the game what similarities it has to 2 of the best films (most popular) films from Hong Kong. I am though full of praise for a western developer taking the reigns of game that was dead at activision to now a very popular audience internationally. There is something downbeat- realistic about the representation and that is the fact that the developers have been to and studied Hong Kong, included a fair bit of mandarin in the dialogue making the game mechanically western and modern yet very much a game that belongs to Hong Kong.

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