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iPhone battling its way to the top – move over PSP and DS

The Wall Street Journal has had a few things to say about the iPhone recently as it has been talking with the games industry to assess the handset’s current position in the market against hand held gaming consoles, and not against other mobile phones.  That’s right, the iPhone is picking up momentum and seeing itself being thrust ever further into the arena that is the hand held gaming world.

Yet, Steve Jobs has not really seemed eager to help this thrust into the iPhone’s new direction until recently, but it seems he’s now decided he is ready to back his baby as games console at last.

“I think the iPhone and iPod touch may emerge as really viable devices in the mobile games market this holiday season,” he says.

Perhaps considered as a more trustworthy backing comes from our friends – the games developers themselves, like Sega who have certainly enjoyed the gaming spotlight over the years with high success rates.

US president of Sega, Simon Jeffery, says that, “Games sold via the App Store are the most profitable in terms of any of the formats we work on.”  He is referring to Apple taking a handsome 30 per cent charge of an iPhone application sold in the AppStore.

Neil Young, an ex-EA executive who founded Ngmoco which is a software house dedicated to producing iPhone games, said, “It feels to me like there’s a real threat to [Sony’s and Nintendo’s] business from the iPhone.”

Greg Joswiak, of Apple, loves the development so much that he has taken to openly slating its competitors, the likes of the DS and PSP.  He says that the iPhone wins on graphics and games availability compared to both the DS and PSP put together.

“The graphics capability is greater than the DS, we have multitouch, the screen is larger and there’s an accelerometer. And we have the App Store. I think it’s the future of gaming,” he says.

It is becoming ever more apparent that gamers are taking to the iPhone as a console that will battle the likes of the PSP and the DS.  It’s fairly obvious that although the hardware can be amazing, though, it comes down in the end to the games and some great games come out over the next few weeks then it will certainly be a boost for the iPhone as a major competitor.

However, time will tell if the iPhone is simply enjoying its 5 minutes in the sun or whether it’s here to be reckoned with as a true hand held gaming console.  The PSP and the DS have both proved that they can stand the hard fought test of time and we will have to wait and see whether the iPhone, with all its glitz and glamour will be able to whip out some top quality gaming experiences.  Maybe soon we’ll all be walking around with an iPhone, playing our games and saying, “hey, you know there’s a phone on here too?”

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