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iPhone game success for Katy Perry

Music and games – who would have thought…

Katy Perry has started the wheels of success rolling all over again as her sales on iTunes have recorded a sudden boost – but why, I hear you cry.  Well, this time it’s not because she kissed a girl and liked it.

Unlike the music industry, who are clinging on to CDs as if they were golden nuggets, Katy Perry has latched on to the future of music, by allowing her songs to feature in the popular iPhone game – Tap Tap Revenge.

As a thank you, it would seem as though the public have gone out and bought her songs all over again as after the game saw its successes, so did Katy Perry’s music sales on iTunes.

Soaring sales for Hot N Cold.

It would seem as though Katy’s song Hot N Cold has drawn around a quarter of a million iPhone users to the game, and according to EMI around a fifth of those users went on after hearing the song and bought it through iTunes.

For those of you who hate fractions that equates to a staggering 56,000 users who bought the song, and if you think about the price of a song, then you will realise that EMI will be pretty chuffed at the interest the game has brought to the industry.

Apple will be pretty happy that they have the game on the AppStore as well as it has been recorded that over 6 million unique users have downloaded Tap Tap Revenge since its release – now that is successful.

What, musicians complaining about rights?

The move by Katy Perry was one that clearly paid off, however, not all musicians are willing to hand over the rights of their music for free to the developers of a game.

However, following Katy’s success we are likely to see a huge move by the industry to push their artists, as after all the gains in the end seem to be so much more than expected.

AppStore at the forefront of the future yet again.

The AppStore has pioneered the Try and Buy technique over the iPhone platform, and this clearly seems to be working a charm.  Today the consumer wants to be able to experience a taster before delving further into the product and Apple, with their demos and testers, have been at the forefront of that idea.

It will now be up to the music industry to judge whether they want to celebrate in success or keep up the moaning – after all Katy Perry has very kindly tested the water.

Get with the programme, music industry…

However, it appears that the music industry are starting to understand the benefits.  According to the principal analyst at Juniper Research, Windsor Holden, has claimed that the music industry is coming around.

“Initially, labels were very, very wary of entering this space. There were issues of [digital rights management], and even then, the labels wanted such a cut of the revenue, that the [mobile] operators weren’t interested.

“Eventually, they came to realize that the mobile is a very attractive platform for their music.”

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