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iPhone Maths Games – Education Can Be Fun Too…

You Do The Math

We all know that gaming on the iPhone is a truly great thing – now think about your poor kids that are missing out on all the fun…they don’t have to anymore because there are some educational games out there that are geared specifically to fulfil their needs.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could trick your kids into believing that they’re having a good time playing on the iPhone, but in reality they will be learning all about the magic of numbers – that would be a fine world, wouldn’t it…

Well, now it’s a possibility!  Below are some of the math games you should be downloading if you want your children to mix fun touch screen happiness with learning about maths.

Cute Math

Although the game is basic, it’s perfect for teaching children maths while providing fun games and lots of pretty colours.  Cute Math is filled with 6 mini games that range from counting to adding and subtracting.

The game is aimed specifically at eh ranges between 4 and 6 so you can imagine the game getting old pretty quickly – also the lack of difficulty settings means that, despite the massive depth of colour, the game won’t capture any child’s mind for too long…

Math Magic

Math Magic seems to bring the support of a classroom straight into a fun little app.  You are given a problem to solve and a multiple choice of answers below – if you get the right answer then a child’s voice congratulates you, if you get the answer wrong then a small child’s voice encourages you to get the right answer next time.

If you are stuck then you can move to another problem by simply shaking the phone – although the encouraging voice is nice to begin with it can really get annoying, but this shouldn’t matter because your kid will be having a great learning experience playing the game.

Number Rumble

It’s Las Vegas gambling and maths all rolled into one – but without the loss of money and possessions.  Luckily the addictiveness is there so your kid won’t get bored too fast with this game.

Shake the iPhone to spin the slots to make another problem – you then have to turn the answer wheel to search for the right answer to the problem.  This is a creative spin on maths that actually makes the whole experience feel like a game rather than a learning experience.

However, the game is filled with little annoyances, for example you can’t start looking for your answer until the sound effect has finished which can frustrate you and of course your little nipper – the game also seems to not care if the iPhone is switched to silent so if you are easily annoyed then this isn’t for you.

Maths and Fun?

Are you looking for a game that manages to supply learning and fun into a complete gaming app for your iPhone?  What games have you found yourself?  Let us know…

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