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iPhone Music Apps – Music to Your Fingertips?

Sweet music…

Most of us love music – many of us can’t live without it…but when you’re cruising along with your iPhone in your hand what options do you have to be one with music?  Obviously you have an iPod…duh!  But what else can you do…I’ll tell you!


Why not have an app that brings together a collection of virtual instruments directly to your fingertips…does it sound too good to be true?  Well, it’s not…

The Band app gives you the chance to bring together a number of drum kits, a keyboard, a bass guitar and a lead guitar – maybe know you can understand why they called it “Band”?

That’s not all – they also throw in an audience to give you that “O2 Arena” feel.  This app brings a perfect collaboration between the iPhone’s touch screen and the app’s features – touch the piano and play it, tap the drums to beat them…simple methods that work!


Leave the decks to the DJs – after all they aren’t cheap, are they…Instead get your hands on Beatmaker.  Watch your iPhone transform into a Digital Audio Workstation which allows you to load up songs and mix them together.

Perhaps you shouldn’t start dreaming of Ibiza just yet but when you want to have fun mixing tracks then this is your app – along with the app you get the chance to play around with a drum machine and loads of pre-loaded.

Guitar ToolKit

Now, I should probably tell you that I had almost exactly the same toolkit on my Sony Ericsson that I bought about 3 years ago – but nevertheless this toolkit is worth a mention.  After all this app has both style and sophistication and the application on my Sony Ericsson was both pants and tacky.

This app should be on every guitarist’s iPhone – the app comes with a guitar tuner, a chord finder, a metronome and a set of harmonic tones which allow you to tune your guitar by ear if you want to show off to the ladies in the room when you’re doing a sound check…

And it looks like really nice!


We didn’t ask for a change to radio, and if sales of DAB radios are anything to go by then we can be pretty sure that different takes on radio aren’t going to be given much of a chance – but this one should be given at least a try…

Pandora picks up on your personal taste in music and streams you a steady flow of music in that style.  As you can imagine, Pandora checks what you are listening to and finds you similar music.

But Pandora wants to take things one step further by allowing you to find out information about the songs that you’re listening to and will provide you with a little explanation about each song – isn’t that a helpful little tool…

What about you?

Loving the music but lacking the apps?  What apps would you put in the list?  Let us know which music apps you love and can’t live without…

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