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iPhone Pros and Cons


iphone image


Interface: One of the main things that draws people to the iPhone is its interface; its beauty and user friendly touchscreen. Apple has done a great job of making it so user friendly. Once you make the switchover to the iPhone, you’ll find it hard to put down, never mind let it out of your sight.

App Store: The App Store is functional and easy to use and makes the iPhone come to life. There are thousands of amazing apps which make it so simple to access information, web sites, services, or just for enjoyment.

Integration: Gmail and Google Calendar integrate really well into the iPhone.

3G and GPS: The 3G connection makes this handheld gadget so much better, and previous models with EDGE were no where near as good without it. When joined with the GPS technology, the map services can become extremely useful.

The Screen and Hardware Design: An extension of the first point, but worth it. As with all Apple products (these days), it looks amazing, feels incredible to hold and has stunningly beautiful screen! The screen seems to not be sensitive with getting scratches, and fits nicely into a trouser pocket.


The Camera: It’s unfortunate that such a great gadget has a less than great camera. There are even great apps to deal with picture taking, manipulation then upload it to the world. SmugMug deals with this fantastically, whilst Flikr could do better.

Subscription: Mandatory subscriptions are a pain for people in many countries. Some countries must pay it, and others don’t have to. Unlocking is possible, but it should be available without tying people down.

Installing Freedom: The app store is great in many ways, but app developers have to follow incredibly strict guidelines. Many apps are restricted if they’re not from the app store. You can install Cydia to override it, but it will break your warranty and you’ll need to restore your factory settings to get it serviced.

The apps will run in the background and make your phone slower, but at least you’ll have downloading freedom.

Synchronising Limitations: There are synchronising limitations with iTunes that hold it back.

Various Missing Features: Copy and paste options, SMS forwarding, video recording, choosing your own ringtones.

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