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iPhone users 10 times more likely to play mobile games according to new survey

And the iPhone has it…

The iPhone has won more recognition for its gaming capabilities as a study recently made by ComScore discovered how iPhone gamers are more than 10 times as likely to play mobile games than those out there who are using any other mobile handset.

The iPhone from the beginning…

The iPhone was released as the top of the range mobile phone.  It was a touch-screen beauty that could get its users on to the Internet, make phone calls, send text messages – the usual.  Being Apple, they also threw in the highly coveted iPod features.apple-iphone-3g-black

No one believed that the handset would soon become one of the most successful mobile gaming consoles the world has ever seen.  With the release of the iPhone 3G mid way through 2008 came the beginning of something bigger than Apple could have ever imagined – the AppStore.

The AppStore allowed developers to create software for the iPhone platform and the store quickly gathered momentum, providing iPhone users with a store specialising in making them happy.

iPhone gamers love to download.

And now, only months after the launch of the AppStore, 32.4 per cent of iPhone users have downloaded a game on their handsets – compared to a mere 3.8 per cent of other mobile phone users.

Moreover, downloads of mobile games have actually risen by 17 per cent over the past year and this rise is largely being put down to the massive success of the iPhone as a mobile gaming platform.

Cheap and cheerful.

A major tool that has helped the success of the iPhone as a gaming device is the fact that most of the games in the AppStore are below the $10 mark – for what you’re getting, looking at the quality, length and experience the prices are often an absolute bargain.

The test also showed how different variations of the iPhone took up the first three places on the leader board for mobile gaming handsets.  The  8GB iPhone 3G was at the top of the list, with the original 8GB iPhone following closely behind and the 16GB iPhone 3G was comfortably in third place.

“The rapid growth in Smartphone adoption in the United States has provided a boost for mobile gaming, as 34% of those downloading a game in November did so using a Smartphone,” said Mark Donovan, senior analyst at ComScore.

aol1.jpg“Last year, not one Smartphone appeared in the top 10 devices used for mobile downloads. This year six out of 10 are Smartphone’s, excluding devices with like-like functionality, such as the Instinct and Voyager, which also make appearances.”

Ingredients to make a winner.

The iPhone doesn’t only have the AppStore to thank for its massive success.  Apple also have laid extremely good processors and brilliant 3D graphics abilities to their devices, taking the device clearly above any competition.

However, there is competition in the mobile gaming pool, and other handset manufacturers that featured on the top 10 list were the likes of the Blackberry Curve 8330 and the Samsung Instinct.  Still, the competition doesn’t even get close to the iPhone which enjoys 14 per cent of the entire mobile gaming market.

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