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iPod Touch takes on the iPhone…and wins!

Whoops…I hope you haven’t gone out and payed, it’s fair to say, a substantial amount of money on an iphone, just to use it as a handheld gaming console.  If you have, then that’s great, don’t read on.  If you haven’t then don’t bother because the next generation iPod touch that was released in September boasts a greater processor than it’s cousin the iPhone, which means that the iPod Touch allows its user to play games significantly better, and faster than what has been provided on the iPhone, gamers have discovered.

The speed has been put down to the possibility of a CPU boost.  Toucharcade, a website devoted to bringing the public everything to do with the AppStor, has discovered that the iPod Touch’s processor has been given a little nudge from 412 MHz to a more impressive 532MHz which provides greater gameplay that has become more apparent with the higher level games that are being spawned on the AppStore.  The iPhone seems to have been left out in the cold for this little change, however, still chugging along with a meager 412 MHz.

Fair play, the increase isn’t a massive one and it’s not going to supply an unparalleled gaming experience that gives better graphics than any Play Station 3, but the boost is a nice little gift for all those people who went out and bought the 2nd generation iPod Touch.  Some game developers are even stating that they are finding their games much more responsive on the 2nd generation iPod Touch, so maybe that little kick has gone a long way after all.

Thomas Fessler, CEO of the Handheld Games Corporation noticed that the performance of their 3D tennis experience, Touchsports Tennis, has recorded a notable rise on the 2nd generation iPod Touch, saying, “Our first step to increase fps (frames per second) performance was to introduce hardware dependent levels of detail. Where we can easily display two 1,500 polygon tennis players with 32 bones each on the iPod touch 2G and maintain fast and fluid game play, the original iPod touch just chokes, and in some instances so do the iPhones.”

Fessler went on to say, “To speed up the touch, we reduced the players to 800 polygons in farther away moments of gameplay, and are now using 1,000 polygon models for close ups, bringing the original iPod touch game play performance level close to that of the iPhone 3G. We’ve taken this approach across the board with great results.”

However, it may not be time for the iPhone to take the shun so personally.  It may be a case of insufficient battery power that has given cause for the technicians at Apple to yet supply the iPhone with the updated processor.  The battery power for the iPhone has been considered one of its major downfalls and if you want to throw in some more processing power then you may be finding that you’ll have to give up those all important features like phone calls, or text messaging just to maintain the battery life of the handset.  If we have to wait a little bit longer to get a slightly better gaming experience on the iPhone, then so be it, but let’s pray that they supply proper batteries too.

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