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Is it the End of the Line for DS

Is the Nintendo DS at deaths door? Nah, we didn’t think so either, but analyst Hiroshi Kamide from KBC securities Japan seems to think so. Sure sales have gone down mildly, but come on – the consoles been out for a few years now. It’s bound to slow done sooner or later.


Who are KBS I hear you cry, well they are “a leading specialist within the growing global marketplace for convertibles and equity derivatives.” Yep, we’ve never heard of them either.


“Casual gaming growth has been the primary driver for the industry over the last three years, the key player being the Nintendo DS. We believe DS hardware demand has now peaked globally. A downturn in software demand is likely to follow, as casual gamers are ‘happy with their lot’ and do not need to consume more,” claims Hiroshi

Ouch. Nintendo, left reeling from a low blow, but he doesn’t stop there:


“We feel that the same predicament awaits the Wii console with its similar market expansion angle. Titles such as Brain Training and Wii Fit do not act as ‘gateway drugs’ to turn non-traditional gamers to core repeat users. We feel this is a structural industry issue that cannot be easily changed.”


If you listen very carefully you can almost hear Nintendo whine “stop kicking me” from the foetal position on the ground.


Ok, so maybe not. One analyst’s words of concern won’t mean a great deal to a global giant who has come back time-and-time again with kick ass products, solid games and such mainstream appeal.


The company will doubtless be considering where to take the console next, the casual industry I believe will remain the same, sure some people say the DS may be a passing fad, but there will be new innovations all the time, and I fully expect Nintendo to be in the front line.

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