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Is JAVA Part Of The Google Open Handset Alliance?

Google MobileAs the almost inevitable move by Google into the mobile phone market gathers pace, with the announcement of the Open Handset Alliance, there is some confusion as to JAVAs exact part in the project. Are Sun Systems actually involved in the 99 party group, or are they trying to steal the thunder of Google?

While on the surface it is not clear whether JAVA are part of the Alliance, if you delve a little deeper it does seem that Sun Systems have really been forced into changing there historic approach to certain platforms. Under pressure from the likes of IBM who have tried (and failed) to wrestle away the JAVA system from Sun Systems, the company have been forced to issue licences for the project to cover tie-ups like the Apache open source code – something which they have been avoiding at all costs over recent times.

So have Sun Systems really joined the party?

It seems that the chance to join the powerful alliance, led by Google, was too much of an opportunity to turn down and they are firmly behind the project – after much deliberation. It is the potential for Google to push this alliance forward which seems to have turned the head of Sun Systems together with pressure from other parties.

As we have mentioned before on this blog, the mobile communications market is fast becoming the growth sector of tomorrow, with more and more content waiting to be delivered to a whole array of mobile devices. While the JAVA system is open source, there is still a vast amount of development ongoing to ensure the package is at the forefront of any future moves and trends in the mobile industry.

While highly unlikely that any competitor could really challenge the strong position of JAVA in the sector, the mobile arena is vital to the continued success of JAVA, and as we have seen today, Sun Systems maybe need to show a little more flexibility to stay at the top of the table.

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