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Is Ricky Gervais The First Comedy Gamer?

Ricky GervaisYou may have seen him in his show The Office, you may have caught him in Extras or you may have caught one of his many comedy stand-up routines, but did you know Ricky Gervais will be appearing in the forthcoming GTA IV?

It’s true, some how Ricky Gervais has managed to bag himself a gig at the comedy club which is featured in the game. When you are doing the rounds in “Liberty City” you can drop into the comedy club and you will see Ricky Gervais in full swing. Gervais was forced to wear a lycra suit so that his image could be digitally enhanced for the game, although it will be worthwhile with his “act” in GTA IV totally new and written specifically for the game.

This move into the world of comedy opens up a vast array of opportunities for both industries with an awful lot of potential for cross marketing, etc. While we see more and more serious shoot’em up games hitting the shelves there is always a need for a little rest and a break from the blood and gore of many games.

While the game is due for release at the end of April it does make your wonder what other little gems are hidden away in what is expected to be by far and away the best of the series yet. Quite how they managed to keep the part of Ricky Gervais under wraps for so long is something of a marketing coup.

Can we expect to be drip fed more gems from the game as “D” day approaches? Is everything out in the open yet?

Whatever happens it looks as though even putting the hype to one side, GTA IV is going to be the best selling console game of all time. The fans are ready and waiting!

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