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Is the PSP in for a good 2009?

Sony are getting prepared for 2009 as a whole host of games are being prepared for release on the Playstation Portable console.  But, Sony are being hailed as the losers of the heavy and long battle between the PSP and the Nintendo DS and most people will be asking is it worth it when it comes to the PSP.

Well, the PSP has got plans for 2009.  They won’t be sitting back taking punches to the face but will be making some swings of their own.  Sony are planning to bring more support to the hardware in terms of third party software’s, although the proof of such a move is still a little hidden from the public.

Yet still, the PSP has a host of great games coming to it for 2009.  The likes of Lara Croft and her Tomb Raiding abilities, as well as Ghostbusters (The Game) are set to blow your mind on the PSP and will prove to be great games if they do in fact live up to the hype that is being drummed up with their launch.

There is also news that the Playstation 3 hit Little Big Planet will be migrating over to the PSP and if the developers keep the game as true to the original as possible then this news will be a true feather in the PSP cap.  Little Big Planet has provided massive success for the Playstation 3 as a console and can be blamed for Sony’s recent jump in the market.

Sony have recently witnessed sales of their PSP soar in Japan, and although the Nintendo DS still enjoys its strong lead against the Sony console, the news is happily welcomed by the executives at Sony who have been told recently that the PSP is dying a painful death.

Media Create recently released figures showing that the Nintendo DS sold 200,000 units for the week ending December 21 while the PSP under achieved slightly against the DS selling 146,000 units.

The Playstation 2 is still selling, interestingly and 8,000 units were sold in the same week.  Maybe the lure of cheap second hand games is just too much for some people.

There have also been rumours recently that there will be a release of a PSP2 although many are claiming that such a move would be a little bit silly from Sony’s point of view who have only just brought the Sony 3000 to the market with it’s slightly brighter screen.

Still, the PSP 3000 hasn’t done too much in terms of sales figures for the brand, especially when you look at Nintendo’s latest move of introducing the Nintendo DSi which has enjoyed being constantly sold out throughout Japan.  I think that if Sony are planning on delivering a PSP 2, then maybe they should do it sooner rather than later and pull out all the stops if they want to seriously start tackling the likes of Nintendo.

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