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James Gosling and Java

James Gosling is a famous software developer, as many people know already. Gosling, along with a few friends (Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan) are well known and commonly indentified with the creation of the programming language called Java which was created by a company Gosling is employed at called Sun Microsystems. Gosling had originally designed the programming language and had built its first compiler and virtual machine. He has been a great contribution to the Real-Time Specification for Java (JSR-1) and had been a researcher at Sun Labs where he became interested in software development tools such as NetBeans. After a brief leave of absence from his work, he returned as the CTO of Sun’s Developer Products group.James Gosling’s education is definately a piece of work. In 1977, he received a B.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Calgary. Also, in 1983 he earned a Ph. D in Computer Science from the Carnegie Mellon University, and his doctoral theses was titled “The Algebraic Manipulation of Constraints”. As he was working for his doctorage, he wrote a version of emacs he called gosmacs, and before he joined Sun Microsystems, he built a multi-processor version of Unix at the Carnegie Mellon University as well as creating several different compilers and mailing systems. Ever since 1984, he has bee with Sun Microsystems and is known best as the founder of Java.

This great contributor to the internet is also known as the “father of Java” for his contributions to developing the powerful programming language. He had created the language in 1994 and due to his achievement, he was selected to the United States National Academy of Engineering. He also contributed to many other software systems such as NeWS and Gosling Emacs.
James Gosling was also known for his beard. Funny, yes, but serious as well. In October of 2006, he had finally shaved his beard for the first time in many, many years. According to him, his wife nor his children had ever seen him with a cleanly shaven beard.

In 2007, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada which is Canada’s highest civilian honor. Officers are the second highest grade in this honor. He was appointed to this along with 88 other people by the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean.

The ‘father of Java’ has also done many other things in his lifetime. He has written over 10 books regarding Java and how to use it. Some of his books also include Sun Technical Reference libraries and window toolkit applets. He has written an entire series of Java help books, called The Java Programming Language. There are currently four editions to this series. He wrote many books with other authors which include Ken Arnold, David Holmes, Gregory Bollella (editor), Benjamin Brosgol, and many more.

With all this said, James Gosling has contributed to the growth and development of the World Wide Web for years. He is most likely one of the top quality programmers out there in the crazy yet wonderful world of the internet.

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