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JavaFX – scene graph and API

The article will provide a reader with information on JavaFX’s scene graph and API. The JavaFX 2.0 platform is a rich client platform built on Java technology and designed to enable application developers to easily create and deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) that behave consistently across platforms.

Scene GraphThe JavaFX scene graph is a good way of constructing a JavaFX application. It is a hierarchical tree of nodes that represents all of the visual elements of the application’s user interface. It can handle input and can be rendered.
A single element in a scene graph is called a node. Each node has an ID, style class, and bounding volume. Each node in a scene graph has a single parent and zero or more children. It can have the following:
• Effects, such as blurs and shadows
• Opacity
• Transforms
• Event handlers (such as mouse, key and input method)
• An application-specific state

The JavaFX scene graph has the graphics primitives, such as rectangles and text, in addition to having controls, layout containers, images and media. The scene graph simplifies working with UIs, especially when rich UIs are used. Animating various graphics in the scene graph can be accomplished quickly and declarative methods, such as XML doc, etc.

The javafx.scene API allows the creation and specification of several types of content, such as:
• Nodes: Shapes (2-D and 3-D), images, media, embedded web browser, text, UI controls, charts, groups, and containers
• State: Transforms (positioning and orientation of nodes), visual effects, and other visual state of the content
• Animation: Varying properties of the scene graph objects over time
• Effects: Simple objects that change the appearance of scene graph nodes, such as blurs, shadows, and color adjustment

The JavaFX 2.0 platform includes a complete set of public APIs and these APIs provide unparalleled freedom and flexibility to construct rich client applications (RIAs). The JavaFX platform combines the best capabilities of the Java platform with comprehensive, immersive media functionality into an intuitive and comprehensive one-stop development environment.

If a user has read the article then he/she would have learnt about JavaFX’s scene graph and API.

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