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JavaOne 2008 Conference – What’s happening?

2008 will be the start of the most significant evolution of all 13 years the conference has taken place. This year, they have expanded their topics into areas that are appealing to development. Not just in Java technology, but in areas such as next generation scripting languages, Web 2.0, eCommerce collaboration, business management, and much more. They are looking for a “call for papers”, which gives you the opportunity to submit your ideas on how you use technology that relies on Java and extends the Java platform.

JavaOne, which is Sun Microsystem’s worldwide software developers conference, is looking for proposals for technical sessions and “Birds of a Feather” sessions for the JavaOne Conference of 2008. This conference has attracted over fifteen thousand developers and leaders in the software developer community. This is the conference that brings together some of the industry’s best and top quality software designers and programmers. The conference is an opportunity for developers across the world to join this specialized community by teaching and sharing experience and expertise learned throughout the developer community. The call for papers is closing very soon. It will be closed on November 16, 2007, so do not delay!
JavaOne has been around since the year 1996 and is for the sole purpose to discuss Java technologies mostly among Java developers. This is only held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California most likely between April and June and normally runs from Sunday to Friday. Technical sessions are held during the day and are on a variety of different topics, and in the evening, “Birds of a Feather” sessions are held at the same place and some surrounding hotels. These allow people to focus on particular aspects of the Java technology.

Although this seems like a great conference held each year, access to the technical sessions can be quite spendy, so don’t plan on showing up with a lot of money! To access the technical sessions, keynote presentations, exhibits, and “Birds of a Feather” sessions, you must have a conference pass. These usually cost somewhere between $1795 to $1995 in US dollars. I know, pretty spendy, eh?

One time, in 1999, the JavaOne conferenced hosted an event called Hackathon, which was a challenge by John Gage. This took place from June 15th to June 19th. People taking part in the Hackathon were told to write a program in Java for the Palm V using the infrared port to talk with other Palm users and register it on the internet. Programmers were to meet and do collaborative computer programming which usually took between several days and even a week in length.

People that attend the conference typically have intermediate to advanced skills in Java programming and surveys have indicated that most of the developers want talks and presentations on how to deepen their practical knowledge. This is a great way to learn a lot about this great programming language. Although this conference is very expensive to get a conference pass, it is definately worthwhile to learn and share knowledge with other programmers from around the world.

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