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Just what does the Vita need to sell?

The PS Vita in my opinion is a fulfilling portable gaming device but at this moment in time is still in a fledgling state. Granted there are great games available; Uncharted, WipEout 2048, MGS HD collection, Little Big Planet Vita and Rayman Origins. There have been other muddling games. Unit 13 was a decent shooter but lacking depth. Motorstorm RC was a fun downloadable but suffered from its length and Super Stardust Delta was a fun but a repetitive screen scrolling shooter. Recently, it has been reported that the Vita is hitting new lows in sales establishing around 7% of software sales in most markets. So, what does it need?

Games: Most of the games are technically sound and fresh. However, outside of the ones mentioned above there has been Escape Plan and Resistance: Burning Skies- both of which were hyped but fell flat. The PSP also had most Playstation established titles but also had good games from Japan which drove the PSP forward in which it still outsells the Vita now.

A Monster Hunter would be nice. A big MMORPG enticing co-op over the PSN would sell the device in the East and guarantee sales. Sadly, it seems the guys at Capcom are not blessed with seeing the obvious but here is hoping they see it sooner rather than later.

A Final Fantasy would sell. An original title like Crisis Core set within an existing universe would be good and would sell around the world over. Seems the focus is on FFX HD but how that pans out remains to be seen.

The cross play idea is good- in the west. Sly Cooper and PS Battle Stars Royale will help the device yet the East I can not see grasping this concept with the games available. If it was Monster Hunter though…..

Other: The Vita has social apps and good connectivity with the PS3 bridging the gap between casual and hardcore. This is not where the Vita has problems as technically there is little wrong it is only with the games available. The price though is a talking point. At around £200, it is cumbersome for some potential owners. That needs to be lowered by around 20% in the holiday season to make it competitive with the 3DS. Yes it will be selling at a loss, but more owners is better than none right?

Games is what the Vita needs- the right ones. Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy would help greatly in driving sales but also games that are developed properly for the Vita rather than falling flat case in point Resistance. If any reader is considering buying a Vita I would recommend….

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

WipEout 2048

Little Big Planet Vita

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

Opinion will no doubt be divided on the Call of Duty: Black Ops spin off coming on the 13th. Same developers that did Resistance, I am hoping for a good release….I doubt it though and it is unfulfilled potential in popular games that is letting down the quality of some of the games. Sort it out Sony!

Does the Vita sway you? Do you even want one or resenting purchasing one? Discuss in the comments section- let me know your thoughts.


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