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Killzone: Shadowfall Review

Killzone-a brooding dark Sci-Fi series which recently released its latest entry as a PS4 launch day exclusive. As the PS4 breaks sales records, Shadowfall is one of the faces of the PS4 and its quest for glory.

Killzone is a series which is a stark opposite to Microsoft’s Halo. While Halo is vivid and vibrant, Killzone is dark and violent. Much has been made of the Halo series and while Killzone has been largely seen as second-fiddle, Killzone 2 stands to reason as one of the best FPS games in recent years. Having saying that, Killzone: Shadowfall like Killzone 3 disappoints.

You control Lucas Kellen-at first a young boy after the events of Killzone 3 which left the Helghast fleeing to Vekta in order to survive as a race. Forced out into the cold, Lucas witnesses his father murdered at the hands of the Helghast in which Shadow Marshal Sinclair takes him in. 20 years later and Lucas is a Shadow Marshal of his own-badass might be more apt. He has to take the fight to the Helghast and confront the enemy threat though not all is as it seems.

Killzone has always demonstrated well-constructed settings and visuals. Shadowfall is no different and brings a lot of colour for the first time in the series. The graphics are outstanding-you would think it was another JJ Abrams movie. The set-pieces in the game are excellent too and always captivate that scale that Killzone has that its not just grunt vs grunt-its race vs race.

A bane for the KZ series has been its controls. Its not all that different here. Killzone has a weighted feel to aiming, shooting, running etc. It makes for some grounded realism but extra frustration also as there is criminally on console no aim assist. Though the weight, handling of weapons do compensate for this.

The story of the game is largely so-so. It has potential but never scales the heights of Killzone 2. Like Killzone 3, it falls rather than stands. There are some brilliant moments such as spacewalk missions, hostage retrieval missions and disarming bombs on futuristic trains was a highpoint. The characters are dull and the lack of a ‘Sev’ or ‘Rico’ from Killzone 3 really hurts the game’s persona. Lucas speaks rarely but when he does he is attentive to Sinclair. Sinclair himself is dull also.

The character Echo is a bright spark in an otherwise dull single player. Mysterious and suspicious, I liked the way she came into scenes often stealing them in the process.

The multiplayer in Shadowfall is very good bar some flaws. Matches are 16 vs 16 maximum-a staple for the series and is best described as Battlefield in the future. Maps are tight, bases return from Killzone 2 and the sense of future returns. Yet, the game has no progression system opting for challenges instead. Its a strange experience playing through the multiplayer without a levelled goal. All weapons and classes are available from the off so I do suppose its more about skill than progression.

That being said, like the rest of the game-Killzone: Shadowfall is at times the best FPS ever and then at other times makes basic mistakes that leaves you scratching your head at. It is good, not exceptional and not better than Killzone 2.

What is Good?

-Brilliant graphics second to none.

-Multiplayer works very well.

-Some of the single player missions work very well.


What is Bad?

-Dull story with dull characters.

-Slightly awkward controls.

-Lack of progression in multiplayer.

Killzone: Shadowfall is a very good game with flaws which hurts the experience. As a Killzone series diehard, the game does more right than wrong. Yet the successes of Killzone 2 are slowly fading away with each successive console entry. But the amount of enjoyment that can be found within the game especially online still makes it the most relevant PS4 purchase. 7.5/10

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