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Metismo Supports Antix in Bedrock


UK Company Metismo have announced that will support Antix Labs’ Antix Game Player technology in its Bedrock Cross Complier tool.


Bedrock...ya ba daba doWhat this means is it will now be quicker and enables developers to automatically convert J2ME or DoJa application to other languages including C++ and Flash (ActionScript 3.0).


Although these ports won’t gain an advantage of native platforms graphics, they will benefit from improved CPU usage and battery life.

“Antix has been gaining significant traction with device manufacturers, and accordingly we’ve seen an increasing demand from publishers to target the Antix Game Player platform,” says Metismo CEO John Chasey.

Using techniques never used before in gaming, content on the Game Player runs stunningly fast across Antix-enabled targets while remaining independent of software platform and hardware. With the ability to run across multiple platforms, Antix uniquely provides a single, advanced, industry standard development tool chain for all target platforms. The binaries developed on a PC are identical to the binaries on the target.


Developers can integrate the tools with their own engines, utilizing their own functional capabilities with the portability provided by Antix. Original games written for Antix, existing games ported to Antix on the PC, and individual new levels or new library features can be immediately deployed on any Antix-enabled device.


The reduction in SKU fragmentation and the ability to differentiate meets the critical demands of developers and publishers seeking to focus on game development rather than a multitude of expensive game ports and the logistical nightmare of multi-SKU certification, maintenance, product support and royalty management.

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