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Microsoft Office 365

The article will provide a user with information on Microsoft Office 365.  Microsoft has unveiled Office 365.  It is part of Microsoft’s wider strategy to move key services and application onto the cloud.  Microsoft is taking unprecedented strides towards cloud computing

Microsoft Professional Plus
This is a fully cloud integrated productivity tool. It allows users to communicate and collaborate across different devices and different locations. Microsoft is rolling this out as a pay-as-you-go service.

Microsoft Exchange Online
Provides a superb email and personal information management solution. Users will also gain access to 25 GB of email storage.  Microsoft is also heavily emphasizing on the security credentials of this service, which utilizes Microsoft’s Forefront Online protection to guard against viruses and spam. Like the other products, information can be accessed on a variety of different platforms (Mac, PC, Android, and RIM) and devices (Smartphones and PCs).

Microsoft SharePoint Online
Serves as an online system for users to share documents and information with each other. SharePoint can also be used to build intranet and Team Sites.

Microsoft Lync Online
Lync Online is a fully integrated communication system that features audio, video, IM and web conferencing features. You can also share screens and use a variety of other collaboration tools. Users will be using the Lync client but will also be able to initiate communication through Microsoft Outlook, Office SharePoint and other Office Applications. Integration with Windows Live Messenger is also possible.

Office Web Apps
This will feature Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and other standard Microsoft Office apps. Users will be able to view, edit and share Microsoft documents in their original format amongst different devices.

Standard packages for Office 365

Microsoft has created three standard packages for Office 365.
Office 365 for professionals and small businesses: This is adequate for an organization of up to 25 members. The package includes email, website services, free online support and month-to-month subscription. However, it does not include a dedicated IT staff.
Office 365 for mid-size businesses and enterprises: This features advance IT configuration, Office Professional Plus, continuous IT administrator support and a choice between monthly and annual contracts.
Office 365 for education: This version is aimed at schools and universities and will include various productivity tools and IT support.

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