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Mobile Gaming Company Ngmoco Set For DeNA Takeover

America’s mobile gaming company ngmoco is all set to be taken over by Japanese mobile gaming giants DeNA.

Terms have yet to be finalised, but it is believed that DeNA are set to pay $300m in shares, stock options and cash in November, followed by a further $100m subject to performance related targets being met.

Co-founders of ngmoco, Bob Stevenson, Neil Young, Alan Yu and Joe Keene recently wrote in a blog post: “ngmoco will lead DeNA’s efforts in the Western world, including launching a new western smartphone version of the incredibly successful Social Games Network, Mobage (we say “Mo-ba-gae”) that we’re building together with DeNA.”

Ngmoco has a strong stable of mobile games such as WeFarm and GodFinger for the iPhone and iPod Touch and the firm intends to include them in the Mobage gaming network.

Ngmoco’s games have been downloaded over 60 million times on Apple iOS devices and are played for over 50 million minutes per day.

Their Plus+ network has been installed over 86 million times and plays host to approximately 13.5 million users with 50 million friend connections.

Plans are in place to spread their games onto other platforms than just the iOS, with Android OS expecting to see ngmoco games by Q4.

“We’ve also got exciting news for developers & our plus+ partners,” an ngmoco spokesperson revealed.

“We’re going to be opening up our platforms and frameworks, allowing them to access both the technologies and traffic that power ngmoco & DeNA products globally.

“By integrating the native libraries and technologies that power our leading ngmoco family of games & our plus+ network with the Mobage SDK, we’ll create the Open Mobage Smartphone SDK. Developers who target this platform will gain access to the APIs, Libraries & Services that power the leading smartphone games, effortlessly bring their applications to both iOS & Android and get immediate access to a community of tens of millions of users both here in the West and Japan.”

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