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Mobile Phones – Best Deals and Latest Technology

Now is a very exciting time to be considering buying a mobile phone. Google’s Android has recently seen an update that opens up a whole raft of extra features, and at the same time Microsoft have recently released screenshots of Windows Mobile 7.

Both of these operating systems also facilitate the current trend with mobile phones – that being the mobile phone being treated as a fully fledged online communication device. Twitter, Facebook, emails and more are now readily available on units that the average person can afford, and as such social media is becoming a far bigger part of people’s life in general – one only has to look at the sudden rise in mentions of it in the mainstream press to see this.

With Android’s widget based home screens and the iPhone’s panel of icons, updating your status, chatting to friends or checking to see if that new job’s got back to your email yet is achievable, sometimes without even having to press a button or jab a touchscreen. Communication is getting faster and faster, and mobile technology is getting quicker and quicker to match.

Mobile phone tariffs change so rapidly now however, that keeping a track of what companies are prepared to give you is often quite hard – after all, who wants to spend time traipsing round each provider and supplier looking for the best deal for you?

Quite often, just by shopping round you can find the phone you want, but bundled with up to twice as many minutes as other deals, and at the same price; although before you go about applying for a contract with thousands of minutes and texts, consider how much you currently use. moneysupermarket says “Whatever the reason you decide on a mobile phone deal, make sure it has the right amount of minutes, texts and internet time for you. You don’t want to be paying for a service you don’t fully use and you definitely want to avoid an unexpected bill if you go over your allowance.”

Sometimes you may even be able to find a contract with a free gift thrown in – how does a free iPod touch, PS3, or Nintendo Wii strike you, for example? All these things are common free gifts that come with mobiles nowadays, and mean that the deals you can get are that little bit sweeter. moneysupermarket.com offer a great price comparison on the best mobile phone deals around, and can help you find the best price for you both quickly and easily.

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