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Multiplayer madness: Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 stands tall as the quickest entertainment release in history to gross $1billion in revenue the quickest beating of Avatar’s record. As good as this instalment of COD can be at times, there is a certain air of tiredness about the series with the departure of Infinity Ward and the rise of Black Ops delivering a better service for players. Battlefield 3 is a different game. Rather than encouraging quick fire gung-ho tactics, players must work together to achieve their given goals to stand a better chance of success. With that being said and a question many gamers will have amongst themselves on forums and in pubs; which stands as the better multiplayer?

Call of Duty is a seal of quality and a seal of familiarity- you know what you are paying and you know that everyone in your social circles will get it. Multiplayer wise, the game does not change a lot from Modern Warfare 2. Killstreaks have changed from being cumulative  to being continuous though choosing one or the other options will get you different results. At times, Modern Warfare 3 shines in its superior map design when compared to Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2 for that matter though some will prove to be infuriating for random spawn points that place you within an enemies grasp. Its more of the same presented differently. Solid multiplayer though it looks like something needs to give and change with the series.

Battlefield is a better multiplayer made on the PC. If I was talking only about these two games on the PC then Battlefield is better hands down. On the console and in Call of Duty’s domain, it does more than challenge. Like Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 is a team/squad based shooter in which team supported actions will generally set the way. The best game mode in Battlefield 3 is rush. An attacking team must bomb certain points while pinning the defending team back and in doing so have a limited amount of respawns. Maps are big and dare I say glorious to boot as well. Call of Duty players like myself will find it difficult at times to adjust when trying to favour an aggressive approach which generally results in a quick and not so subtle death. Vehicles are also present in the form of jeeps, helicopters and best of all jets. The air vehicles are hard to learn and master but either way remains undeniably fun.

Overall on this one I would say Call of Duty is the more solid of the two on consoles with a trusted but tiring formula and if you are a player that favours sporadic multiplayer then Modern Warfare 3 is the better suited. However, Battlefield 3 is a deeper multiplayer experience and those willing to play as teams, create clans or favour much more focused actions will no doubt find good taste with this flavour. Both games in their own right were big successes of 2011 so Black Ops and Medal Of Honor this year will be interesting to see how they both fare. For now, Battlefield 3 is making waves and taking a share of FPS market dominated by COD.

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