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Music Apps To Keep Your iPhone Beating All Night Long

Tap Tap Revenge?  Top Top Rewards!

It has finally happened – it was obvious that it would and now it has we can all be very happy!  Tap Tap Revenge, the Guitar Hero-esque touch game for the iPhone, has now become the most downloaded game on the AppStore out of all the 15,000+ apps that are available…that’s not an easy feat, but Tap Tap has done it!

Tapulous can be over the moon at the results as a staggering one in every three apps downloaded from the AppStore is their very own product – what an amazing result for a small company with a big idea!

“With such a large base having already installed the free version of the product, converting even a small portion into paid versions using premium content represents significant revenue upside,” said Bart Decrem, the CEO of Tapulous.

So why has a little music game become so successful?  Simple…it’s simple!  The apps that make it to the big leagues are the simple ones and Tap Tap is one of those simple apps that entertains hour after hour!

Music apps for the iPhone!

But don’t let your music creation start and end with Tap Tap Revenge – there are a load more apps out there that will get you all excited about music all over again…

•    Beatmaker – This app isn’t for your part-time music lover…this is for those of you that are serious about music!  If you want portable music creation on the move then this is for you – it’s not a kids game it will actually do what you want, providing you with a drum machine, sampler and sequence feature.

•    Band – This app brings music creation to your iPhone but with simplicity rather than complexity.  If you are looking for an app that will simply let you pick up an instrument and play it then get hold of this app…there is a collection of fun instruments ranging from drum kits to grand pianos – you’ll be playing your heart out in no time!

•    Guitarist – This app is similar to Band, but the difference is it is solely focused on a Guitar as you can imagine!  But don’t worry it isn’t just band without every other instrument, you are getting your apps worth!  There are tons of guitar-specific features and effects loaded onto the app for your rocking entertainment.

•    Beat Loop – What more could you want from a music app than this…beat loop brings a virtual drum set to your iPhone and allows you to record and save your own drum patterns.  Simply tap the button on the screen to play the drum or symbol that you want to play and away you go!

What about you?

Do you think there are enough music-related apps out there?  Do you wish there were more?  Leave us a comment and let us know…

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