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N-Gage Having Some Problems?

Nokia’s N-Gage problems are far from over it would seem. After the company posted a blog about saying that titles may be delayed, etc – the first of those have done exactly that.


Just one out of the five games due out on 9th of June and 16th of June has actually appeared. The Sims 2-Pets and pro series golf were due out o the 9th, followed by Bounce Boing Voyage, Midnight Pool 3D and Dogz last week.


Sadly for N-Gage gamers, only the Sims game has hit the download shelves.


Incidentally, the blog post warning of possible disruption has disappeared off of the internet.


Its not all doom and gloom for Nokia though. The first N81 handsets with the full N-Gage application pre-loaded went on sale last week.


Great news for users, they won’t have to mess about the marginally difficult process of installing the application via Nokia’s PC suite, which should help the N-Gage community grow larger.


No news yet on when the four missing games will turn up, but unless you’re an eight year old girl I wouldn’t worry too much.

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