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New iPhone Release Date Leaked – June 2009

The iPhone rumour mill given more juice…

Rumours have appeared everywhere scoping the next evolutionary turn that Apple’s iPhone will be making, and when.  However more fuel has been thrown hectically into the fire.

A report in the United Arab Emirate’s newspaper, Business 24-7, has unleashed a massive amount of interest as an interview with the country’s main telecom provider, Etisalat, has uncovered news that iPhone lovers around the world have been waiting for with baited breathe.

Was he supposed to say that?

Mark Davis, Program Director of the UAE based Etisalat
is on record as saying that although the 3G version of the iPhone is expected very soon, the updated model of the Smartphone isn’t far behind it.iphone

“The latest 3G model will become available on February 15 according to Dow Jones.  And the next version of the device, which is due out in June, will be launched in the UAE at the same time.”

There certainly is a feeling floating around the world that he wasn’t supposed to have known about such important news before Apple had informed the world first, but never mind – his big mouth is the word we’ve been waiting for!

What’s in a name?

The “iPhone Nano” was a name bandied about for a while and the name gathered the attention of many Apple enthusiasts.

However, as the release date for a follow up to the iPhone 3G looms closer, the world is putting plans of a tiny iPhone to one side.

I’m going to throw in iPhone 3G2 into the mix, and if Apple wants to use it they can send me a cheque.

Although, now, thanks to Davis, we now know that we won’t have to wait too long before we actually find out what we are going to be getting.

It’s anniversary time for the iPhone…

And what better time to release a follow up to the massively successful, not to mention handheld gaming legend, iPhone 3G.  The new iPhone will follow on exactly a year after the iPhone 3G was released.

It would seem that Apple really do like to milk their products for everything they’re worth – Nokia wouldn’t get away with releasing a handset once a year!

However, let’s not get carried away with ourselves here.  The critics have already jumped in and given their thoughts on the matter, claiming that Davis was speaking off the record, or he was mis-quoted and some critics have even claimed that the whole thing didn’t happen!

Let’s be honest…

But come on…it seems as though Davis actually did say it, and the rest of the world will be seeing the launch of a new iPhone handset in stores in June, and if Apple decide to continue working with the United Arab Emirates, then hopeful they will be getting units of the new Smartphone too.

What do you think – truth or lies?  Let us know!

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