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NGage Upgrading is a Rip Off

Just what you thought it was safe to go back in to the mobile gaming water, Nokia’s N-Gage platform decides to take a bite out of your wallet. It has emerged that if you buy the new N-Gage phone, you have to buy all your games again.


Nokia have confirmed the fact that the games are non-transferable due to the activation code for each game is tied to your phones unique IMEI number.


You have the ability to delete and re-install the games as much as you like but when it comes to switching them over from your current handset, if you happen to buy the he shiny new phone then you’re going to have a major upset.


This isn’t really a new problem for mobile gamers because in the UK when you upgrade any phone you always lose any Java games you’ve purchased.


The crazy thing is that given the N-Gage platform is based around creating a username and profile, its ridiculous that games are tied to a specific handset, rather than a specific user especially when the games cost nearly £8.


The problem could be easily solved by Nokia. They could issue new activation codes if you could prove your previous transaction. Surely there is a database of these sales somewhere at Nokia HQ?


With people always looking for the next upgrade of phone or new technology, Nokia must ensure that it has some sort of way to ensure it does not push away its current users.


If Nokia change their stance anytime soon, we’ll let you know.

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