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Nintendo – buy now or suffer dissapointment at Christmas

The time has come for us all to hitch up a place on Santa’s lap, look into his big, welcoming eyes and tell him just what we want for Christmas…well maybe it doesn’t work exactly like that, but we all know what we want for Christmas.  Maybe it’s an iPod you’re after, maybe it’s Mamma Mia on DVD.  Maybe, and just maybe, it’s a Nintendo Wii or a DS.  If it is on your wish list then I have a word of advice for you, and so does Nintendo – buy now before you are disappointed!

Nintendo are advising customers who are hoping for one of their consoles for Christmas to go out and get it now before the Christmas rush hits game stores across the country.  And maybe they’re quite within their rights to issue such a warning as both the Wii and the DS are major sellers in the gaming market – the Wii being the highest selling console out of the ‘Big 3’ selling a whopping 803,000 consoles in October, and the DS was selling a staggering 491.000 units in October, a generous 298,000 more units than its biggest competition, the PSP, which only managed 193,000 in October.

The Christmas season has recently been a problem for Nintendo.  Only last year Nintendo struggled, and failed, to fill stores with units of its Nintendo Wii.  That provides more than enough need for Nintendo to warn customers this year to get out early to avoid the same disappointment that was felt last year.  As a contingency plan, Nintendo claim that they are working overtime to manufacture as many consoles as possible for the Christmas season, but Nintendo still press on that if people have their hearts set on a Wii or DS, then don’t wait and buy in advance.

Nintendo have said, “We certainly hope not. Our goal is to have every consumer who wants a Wii console or a DS to be able find it during the holiday. We have increased by 50 percent the amount of product that is coming into the US, Canada, Latin America. We hope that that is enough product. But even with the strong sales that we have seen in October and so far in November, we are still suffering out of stocks. My message to the consumer is, if you see a Wii and you are interested in a Wii this holiday, buy it as quickly as you can.”

Nintendo has recently been criticised, unfairly, by games developers for bundling their Wii Sports games with Wii consoles.  Gaming developers such as EA Games have blasted Nintendo claiming that their sports games will never be able to compete on the Wii console as users of the Wii are given a free array of sports games in the Wii Sports game.

EA Sports boss Peter Moore said, “The challenge we face is that that consumer gets ‘Wii Sports’ right out of the box and that’s a sports experience that’s good enough for a lot of people. That is a challenge for us at times.”

But these criticisms don’t seem to be harming Nintendo as they are still on course for a sell-out festive season.  Want some advice?  Get out and buy your Nintendo consoles now while you still can!

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