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Nintendo DSi – iPhone Killer?

Should the iPhone be scared right now?

The Nintendo DSi is finally upon us after much waiting with breath that has been so very baited.  But while we’ve been waiting for the arrival of such a portable gaming behemoth we have been neglecting our old friend the iPhone and how it will be feeling as the DSi arrives on the scene.

Should the iPhone be scared, do you think, or should it be laughing off the competition?  Is it even competition or has the iPhone been enjoying delusions of grandeur for the past 10 months of so since the introduction of the AppStore last summer?

The iPhone shot to unprecedented fame last summer as the launch of the AppStore seemed to push the Smartphone into the hearts and hands of gamers around the world – the iPhone delivered cheap, addictive gaming straight to the gamers in a way that seemed as revolutionary as the introduction of freedom of speech.

The Smartphone to look up to…

Since then the iPhone has been enjoying a constant rise in popularity and it now sits proudly above other Smartphones as the one that set the standard – you can even find arguments that question whether it is worthy of battling against the DS and the PSP to see which device is the king of the portable gaming world.

But now with the introduction of the DSi, the iPhone must be quaking in its little boots.  While Apple have now had just under a year to get acquainted with the gaming world, Nintendo have been a presence for decades – in fact Nintendo was one of the first gaming giants to enter the scene.

But it would seem that Nintendo are already looking to challenge Apple at their own game – the introduction of DSi Ware downloadable content already echoes the howlings of the AppStore.  So it looks as though Nintendo are rolling out the battle armoury against Apple and are looking to shoot it down from its cloud – and downloadable content isn’t Nintendo’s only weapon!

An allegiance to Nintendo!

Being on the scene for decades does of course have its advantages – twenty something’s today have an allegiance with Nintendo going all the way back to the early days of the NES – as we grew older and more wiser so did Nintendo and we grew together.  This allegiance is something that Apple doesn’t have with the gaming community and as soon as Nintendo start throwing in their retro gaming gems into the fray we can start kissing the iPhone goodbye.

But Apple have never really claimed that they wanted to take on the likes of Nintendo and Sony, so why are we all looking to compare the DSi with the iPhone – simple…although Apple didn’t want to appear to take on the biggest thing that has ever happened to gaming, it has unfortunately been thrust into a position where it can do little else.

It’s time for Apple to either face the music and fight back or admit defeat and hope that its other features are enough to keep the Smartphone evolution alive.

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