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Nintendo DSi sells 200,000 units in Japan in its first few days

Hitting the shelves in Japan only a few days ago on the 1st of November, the DSi was set to become one of the biggest selling hand held gaming console debuts the world has ever seen.  What a surprise then as it has just sold out throughout Japan, and sales for the DS have completely eclipsed those standards set by everyone’s favourite childhood, and not-so-childhood, friend the Game Boy.  The Game Boy was a huge earner for Nintendo as they managed to get rid of 81 million units of the retro console over the years.  However, Nintendo now have a shiny new console to put up on a pedestal as the DS has now sold over 84 millions units.  The DS has also earned a lot of points with Nintendo bosses on the software front as the console has brought with it sales of almost half a billion games.

The launch of the new DSi, the smaller, newer, camera-laden, lighter and inevitably better-in-every-way hand-held console, has been met with massive popularity: out of 200,000 units available in Japan from 1st November, they have now all been shifted, and the first 170,779 units were homed within the first two days.  Luckily for Japan, however, Nintendo are ready, and obviously eager, to ship another 100,000 units today to feed the hand-held gamers’ lust.

The interest for the DSi had mixed opinions, one poll (Dengeki Poll) showed that there was a sever lack of interest when it came to the launch of the DSi where only 3.6 per cent of people who were asked if they were intending to buy a DSi soon said yes.  29.4 per cent said they were going to hold on to their yen and wait and see how things went for the DSi.  26.2 per cent of those asked didn’t even have a clue what they were going to do.  The biggest percentage in the poll was those who said they had no intention of buying the DSi, making up a massive 40.7 per cent of the pot.  However, this poll has clearly not been a reflection of the true sales of the console as they have been shooting off the shelves faster than you can say Nintendo.  One forum writer, Psychotext, clearly felt the poll would be utterly wrong and had been aimed at the wrong polling participants by saying “It’ll sell insane amounts, just like the DS did.”

The question most people are asking themselves is how can they get hold of the DSi in Britain and the answer is…not soon.  Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has said that the DSi will be released in spring 2009 and it can be safely said that the wait will be a brutal one for DS lovers from Land’s End to John O’Groats.  Until that day comes however, we will have to be content with practicing our mathematics and keeping our memory top notch on our soon-to-be out-of-date DS’.  At least we get a chance to see if our Japanese brothers and sisters rate the upgrade.

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