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Nintendo DSi vs. Sony PSP 3000 – A New King On The Block?

PSP 3000 vs. DSi

So, it all boils down to one battle that is raging on in the palms of every portable gaming fanboi from Japan to Skegness – who will win the battle between the PSP 3000 and the new Nintendo DSi?

The DS has enjoyed a whole load of success, casting the PSP away into the darkness to slowly die – but with the introduction of the DSi is it time we are going to see the PSP regain its station at the top of the ladder?


While the PSP brings some of the best graphics that are available straight to your palm, the Nintendo hides nothing by delivering cheap, cartoon-like graphics – and for some reason gamers around the world are lapping it up!

But come on, the mighty PSP wins the graphics war hands down as its sharp colours and graphics bring a truly beautiful gaming experience to your portable life in ways that the DSi simply cannot.


The evolution of the DS hasn’t seen its controls change very much and for good reason – don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.  The controls on the DSi are easy to pick up and comfortable to use.

The PSP controls on the other hand are also easy to use but leave you wanting more.  There is the nagging feeling that there is something missing from the PSP’s controls – perhaps it’s the wasted space on the right hand side of the device where a second analogue stick should be…shame!


Both devices boast impressive screens – the PSP 3000 introduced a much better anti-glare system that also managed to bring with it more colours and a sharper image.  The DSi has also gone out of its way to bring us 2 screens that are around 17 per cent larger than on the DS Lite.

The only winner here is the user who gets to enjoy good screens when playing either the DSi or the PSP 3000.

Game Choice

Nintendo made a bit of a mistake removing the Game Boy Advanced slot from their device cutting the games that are available to play on the DSi down to practically very little.  However by getting rid of the Game Boy Advanced slot they have been able to introduce an SD card slot and with it endless possibilities.

Meanwhile the PSP 3000 still manages to chip in with big named titles like GTA, Wipeout and Need For Speed – although the PSP is ailing it is still able to bring those big names down to out little palms.  Still, the PSP gets chewed up compared to the likes of the DSi for forgetting to deliver the truly fun games that keep us coming back for more – the likes of Mario and Zelda that can instead be found on the DSi.

And the verdict is…

The DSi is a device that combines fun gaming with easy and fun to use touch screens – the DSi is one more feather for the mighty DS family’s cap and one more stab in the PSP’s heart!

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