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Nintendo’s take on Masterchef

Nintendo loves having quirky games for the DS, and Cooking Guide: Can’t decide what to eat? Is surely one of the weirdest so far.


Previously released in Japan as Shaberu! DS Ryouri Navi, the European version of the game will be released in June.


If you couldn’t guess what this games basic premise is by now maybe you should stop reading before you hurt yourself. The game hails itself as a cooking application, which comes complete with 250 recipes for a varied range of international dishes. All types of meals are covered from breakfast to dinner.


The game features include simple step-by-step guides to choosing, preparing and creating your meal, videos and search options. The DS microphone is also put to good use for when you have sticky fingers from some kind of cake baking experiment and don’t want to get the console messy.


Some other – dare I say ‘cool’ – features of the game include the shopping list function, allowing you to take your DS out of your pocket in the supermarket without your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend moaning at you, and a kitchen timer application.


At first glance this title looks little more than another gimmicky game to be used a couple of times then forgotten about, but (and I write this to anyone who has children at university) think about the possibility of making cooking fun for people who hate cooking/cant be bothered. There is even an A-Z section that tells you what type of utensils to use.


Like a car crash, I will have to give this game a second glance when it is released on June 20th and I suggest you do the same.

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