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Nokia Changes its Stance on Game Transfers

So the other day, we got a bit annoyed about Nokia’s underground tactics regarding the transfer of games from an older N-Gage handset to a new one, read article here.


Well now Nokia have confirmed that this indeed was the case, but in a turn-a-round (in an effort to avoid some sort of backlash against new handsets) it has plans to change this policy as soon as possible.


In a statement released by the phone giants, they said, “Due to copy protection, N-Gage games, like most mobile games, are linked to one device,”


“As the value of content increases, a robust copy protection mechanism is essential as it makes it possible for the games industry to invest in N-Gage content.”

Thankfully, the statement goes on to promise that a solution is on the cards:


“We acknowledge our customers’ concerns and have been working on a solution that would allow people to transfer purchased N-Gage games to a new Nokia device. We are working with our Nokia Care Centres with an intermediate solution to enable the licensed transfers of games until a final solution is ready to be deployed.”

Nokia has also said sorry to N-Gage gamers for what could have turned in to a PR nightmare:

“We apologise for the confusion around this issue and look forward to delivering an appropriate solution to transfer purchased N-Gage games to new Nokia devices,” says the statement.


So it looks like N-Gage gamers can (almost) breathe a sigh of relief. We’ll let you know as soon as Nokia confirm everything for sure.

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