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Nokia Look To The Far East Again

ChinaWhile the Far East is well ahead of most of Europe with regards to internet technology it seems that the same can be said for mobile phone games. Nokia has announced plans to introduce yet more mobile phone games via their SNAP Mobile subsidiary in China, but it seems as though this is only the tip of the iceberg and more than just a testing ground for new games and new technology.

Even though the likes of the UK mobile phone games market is a lot more developed than many other areas of the world, it pales into insignificance compared to the Far East. This is the area where new technology and new platforms regularly appear and has proved to be a very useful and lucrative testing ground for many new ventures.

The global mobile gaming market is growing year by year and is currently one of the fastest growing technology markets seen for some time. The likes of Nokia and the other main handset manufacturers are desperate to ensure that they are at the head of this lucrative market which has the potential to supply the Holy Grail of ecommerce, repeat income – i.e. subscription money.

In years gone by the time gap between technology launched in the Far East and Europe could be a few years, but the technology cycle has very much been reduced over the last few years and the new services could well hit Europe within 12 months. The mobile phone companies are now desperate to ensure that have a continued presence in the market and looking to rush their services out to the mass market as soon as possible.

Quite what direction we can expect the market to take in the medium to longer term is not clear, but this is very much seen as the future for many mobile phone manufacturers and the network providers are also very keen to join the party.

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