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Outdoor Apps: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

Apps you should give some serious thought to before you step outdoors…

There are apps and then there are apps!  Some apps are good for passing those boring 10 minutes when you’re waiting for Judge Judy to start on TV – other apps actually make some sense…

Read on to discover which apps you should make sure you have on your iPhone or iPod Touch before setting off further than your corner shop.

MoonMap Lite

When you look up at the sky are you completely lost in a sea of darkness and shiny, unknown objects?

Well this app won’t exactly explain the intricacies of the universe but it will give you a hand when it comes to understanding a bit about our beautiful moon!

This app splits the moon up into 4 sections and allows you to scroll through it in a Google Earth-esque fashion.

The app will tell you the names of around 200 objects on the moon – take some binoculars or a telescope and match up your findings with the app with what you are actually seeing…and to make the whole experience even better the app is free.

Absolute Fitness

Sometimes you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds going to the trendiest gym – why not spend a whole lot less on a funky app for your trendy iPhone instead that will help you just as much…

Granted there is no shortage of fitness apps on the AppStore but this one isn’t playing any games…it’s an app with a plan.  It pulls together everything that you could want in a fitness app.

The app will keep track of your calories (both consumed and lost), weight, body fat percentage, body mass index and so much more…the app even provides a whole section to do with nutritional information about the foods that you eat.

The Snow Report from the North Face

If you love your skiing but you don’t have all the information you could want about the speedy sport then this is the app for you.  The North Face have created a tidy app that keeps you in the know without wasting any of your valuable skiing time – perfect!

What’s more the application is free – by paying absolutely nothing you will be getting some great reports along with some beautifully shot images from masters such as Scott Markewitz.

The snow report provided is clean and simple yet still manages to stay aesthetically interesting and you won’t be left with your head in your hands looking for the day’s weather predictions because it’s all there at your fingertips!

So if you’re planning a ski on the moon and you want to know how many calories your burning off then have a go at all three of these apps – if you aren’t going to mix the three outdoor activities then find the one that is right for you.

What about you?

What other outdoor apps can you think of?  Obviously in an AppStore filled to the rafters with thousands of apps you have to be careful of what you have a go at but let us know what you think of this selection…

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